Close Your Eyes and Hum!

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Hello and Welcome to my first blog! 

I was excited introducing my new website last week. The comments, support and over all YEAH! was inspiring! Thank You for sharing your thoughts. As I approach this platform called blogging, so much started to swirl in my head. As I sit in front of this screen, hands on the keyboard, I drop into my heart and allow that voice to come through.

Where do you find yourself at this moment? Home, work, evening, morning? How have you tapped into your self today? Are you aware of your vibrational signature? Your vibrational integrity? in other words, how are you energetically? As a being that is in-body you are emitting your own frequencies of “being” alive. Everyone is doing this. 24-7, you are a wonderful orb of vibrating frequencies. Sending, Receiving. Collecting, Sharing. Deeper Welcome picand deeper into the incredible intricate light body that makes you who you are. You are sounding out your own symphony. How would it feel if you were in an active relationship with this part of yourself? How do you discover your vibrational signature and learn to to keep it in integrity? It is actually more simple than you think.

Part of it is feeling, another part is listening. To do that, it requires you to be fully in your body. And in our fast paced world, it is easy to literally be “beside ones self” or “running behind “.  A quick way to get in your body, anywhere, anytime is to place your hand on your heart, and on your solar plexus, then gently hum a sound. Make no judgements on yourself, simply hum. Allow yourself to play with the pitch and volume. You can’t do it wrong. As you hum, what do you feel? Where do you feel the vibration? And, how does it feel? What? Where? and How? Those three questions to keep it simple. This can get you back in your body, relaxed, and energized in just a few minutes. And… It’s the start of getting to know your vibrational signature! I’ll leave you with that for today.

I hope this brought some light and joy to your day. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Please share this blog, my site and my services with family and friends.


Be good to one another!

Love and blessings,