Niobe is a natural healer, with an incredibly grounded presence. You will sense this instantly as soon as you meet her. I have experienced several powerful healing sessions with her. Her voice and the healing sounds take you to other places- and then gently bring you back to a more peaceful place! Her love radiates through her every sound and movement.

        Susan Tate: Author, Nia Teacher, Wellness Visionary/


You are an amazing conduit of Universal spirit and mother earth energies. All of that plus the power of your bowls, toning and the work of your “team” combined to be the most amazing healing session I have ever experienced. Thank you for such a gift.

                                         Penny Burdick M.D.


Through the years of seeking my own personal healing I have experienced many practitioners. There have only been a few that were exceptional, and Niobe is at the top of the list. Niobe’s use of sound, with her intuitive sense of what a person needs is uncanny. Her presence alone begins the healing process, and when she strikes a bowl and sings, the DNA in your cells must respond and change occurs. Give yourself the gift of spending time with Niobe.

                                                                            Rebecca Zambito RN,MSN,ARNP


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Joy Reclaimed, Grief Released: It touched a chord so deep inside my heart which I feared had been forever silenced. Alas.. it was reborn by your magic touch of sound! Sound master Niobe Weaver has expressed Joy for me in a very unique and heartfelt way. Through the ancient yet future Language full of hope and wonder… opening my wounded heart saddened by grief too consuming to imagine with the gentle touch of vibration from her voice so sweet and pure, accompanied by the crystalline tones of singing bowls. Thank you so much for sharing Divine Joy with me!

          Ann Williams MS, LMT, Sacred Sound Harmonics, Fl


Releasing Grief: I truly believe that without Niobe’s sound healing I would have deeply suffered rather than been at peace.

                                                                                                                                           Lyndajoy Storer, Storer Consulting


Symptoms Relieved: When I play Niobe’s personal sound treatment CD, I surrender and all my symptoms of chronic fatigue and  the pain goes away. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Winifred R.