Unity of South SoundThe opportunity to speak in 2008 at Unity in the Olympics in Port Angeles, Washington was the first of many services and presentations to come. As a guest speaker, I love inspiring an audience with new information or a new point of view that can make a difference in their lives. Teaching energy balancing exercises, meditations or sound healing practices to empower people to be healthier in body, mind and spirit is deeply rewarding. Energetic, metaphysical and spiritual teachings can be lofty and sometimes too touchy feely or ” woo woo”. I offer these principles in a grounded pragmatic way that bridges the esoteric to here and now practices that are easy to integrate into every day life.

Whether I am speaking to a church community, cancer support group, yoga community, or any group, my speaking approach is: “We are having a conversation”. It isn’t just me on a podium. It is a interactive experience with my audience. From the serious to joy, laughter to tears, or silence to bursting out in song, all are part of the conversation. We all have the gift of knowing within us. Together we can discover the nuances of the subject matter to learn something new. It would be my pleasure be your guest speaker.

I am proud to be a member of Women’s Speaker Association since 2011. A professional organization taking the voice and message of women leaders to the world.

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