I chose the subtitle to this page “A Voice of It’s Own” as my music comes from realms of the divine muse and I its earthly vessel. It was quite a surprise to find myself in my early forties in a recording studio, recording my first CD of inspirational songs! The ease of melodies and lyrics that came pouring through was like being in deep meditation, touching consciousness itself. It still feels that way today. Singing became a burning passion with my music and their message finding their way to audiences nationally and globally. My music has been used to lift depression, in childbirth, hospice, memorials and people undergoing treatment. Every time I hear how my music impacts someone’s life, my heart is filled with gratitude, knowing I’m on the right path!

I now have three CD’s, Language of Light, Sacred Power A Journey Through the Chakras and SoulIght available here on my site. Please listen and let me know how my music can be brought to you and your community.

In Gratitude,