I listen to your Cd Soul Light each and every morning as I begin my day with my meditation. Your voice, the light language and crystal bowls set my pace for the day and help me with decisions. God Bless you! 

                                                      Carol, Unity in the Olympics, Port Angeles

Listening to Sacred Power a Journey Through the Chakras on Sunday was extremely relaxing. I had it on again at work Monday afternoon and felt the same feeling of relaxation and centeredness. It seems to get within, like your inner core gets in balance. Hearing your voice which is very meditative, I think if I were to listen with headphones I would feel even more of this total relaxation.

                                                                   Eileen Angeletta


I had an amazing revelation… my husband video taped our magical home waterbirth and we watched it last night. He had picked out some of our music for a playlist, which was supportive and lovely to play during labor and delivery. Watching our birth I had so many memories return including how a few of your magical songs from Language of Light came on and were so meaningful for me! At a delirious moment I hear you speak the language and I remember thinking “oh, beautiful, that reminds me of sister Niobe, oh how yummy! Thank God! Someone else speaks the language! I felt your meaning without my brain knowing what you were saying. In the light of day, it’s funny I didn’t logically know it Was you and I trust my spirit sure did! Thank you so much!  

                                               Kalina Shannon-Shepard, LAc



I believe that if all people over the world could hear you music at the exact same time, there would be world peace.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Barbara DeSchane Unity of Kent, WA


Your performance at Amma was simply put, AMAZING!. Thank you so much for sharing your chants and bowls with us. It was a special time to enjoy through my Darshan!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 John Cross


Close your eyes. The angelic voice of Niobe’s Quartz Crystal Singing bowls carries you deep. Her Language of Light takes you out of the realm of yesterday and into the beauty of the “present moment”.                                                                                                                                       Kathryn La Fond Healer, Holistic Health Pracitioner


Niobe is like a comet in the night sky. Every where she goes, she leaves a trail of light!

                                                                                                       Jim Berkes